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“The important thing is to never stop questioning ” (A. Einstein)



"Censorship is the last desperate refuge of an utterly failed and corrupt and inept and cowardly political scoundrel panically hanging on to soon-to-be-defunct Power through 'Judicial' means" (Frater Thelemus Anonymus Dissidentus, aka Satiricus, a Ferocious Anti-Inquisitor) So about all this rituallistic ceremonial labelling of free-speaking as dire pseudo-medicalized "pathology" and "-phobic this" and "-phobic that" and "- phobic the other thing"? With all ideas one wishes to suppress becoming 'denialism', 'deepfake', 'mis-this' and 'mis-that', etc., just because one is so inept as to have no other valid argument? EVERY Totalitarian regime across all of History has tried to crush individual rights, lied in every single respect, and sought to control what people can read, see, speak about, discuss, research. "Shut them up ! ...CENSOR! Then CENSOR ^ 2. Then CENSOR ^ 10!" scream the Academies of Science™ and The Deans and Sub-Deans and Sub-Sub-Deans and HR and every single 'mouth' in the endless Designer Feed-Chain of SOYLENT GREEN. "Soylent Green is People!" (a comical change of just one capitalized letter alters the meaning and makes the iconic 'radical' dystopia into a subverted counter-radical Dystopia close to "BRAWNDO is what Plants Crave!". And all of it is complete political Ultra-Fake. Every one of such Totalitarian regimes / Imaginaries (ancient and modern) has been justly consigned to the dustbin of History. Including manu militari. What does one expect, after all, if one's operating principle is reduced to 'Always Lie, Always Double Down, Always Project' and always Re-Brand (like failed banks or corporations or failed beer firms using the exact same PR 'services'): -- 'forgive me, Oh Comrade Commissar, for I have sinned'. Just like in the sixteenth century and long before -- over how many tedious centuries exactly has this been cycled through? Any of the above will of course be (just lazily counting down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 while waiting to hear yet again the standard template) alleged to have been "taken out of context" and 'damagingly amplified' by dangerous and disturbiing 'uneducated' "merchants of mis-, dis-, mal-information". So stale, all of this verbiage, so 100% shop-worn and ancient and so numbingly repetitive, word for word, all the time, 24-7-365-whichever-century (the Inquisition also aimed to "guarantee Public Safety and Public Peace"). It all is a vast raunchy parody of itself the exact split-second it is uttered in public and as the Police ("be assured that Police will be the source of Truth", said the Chief Inquisitor at a 'fair' and 'rule of law' trial of 'Heretics') are grimly arrayed for a censorial "guaranteeing". “Well, um, the – er – so the – I mean – again, some of the stuff gets – some of the language that the – erm – some of the language and concepts are just confusing. I mean, the government definitely prints money, and it definitely lends that money, which is why – erm, er – the government definitely prints money, and then it lends that money by – er – by selling bonds – er – is that what they do? They, they – erm – they – yeah, they, they – erm – they sell bonds – yeah, they sell bonds, right, so as they sell bonds and people buy bonds and lend them the money – yup – so a lot of times, a lot of times – at least to my ear – with MMT the language and the concepts can be kind of unnecessarily confusing, but there is no question that the government prints money and then it uses that money to – um, er, uh – er – so – um – yeah, I – I – I guess I’m just – I don’t – I can’t really talk – eh, I don’t – I don’t get it – I don’t know what they’re talking about, like, ’cos – it’s like – the government clearly prints money, it does it all the time, and it clearly borrows, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this that ’n’ defic – conversation, so I don’t think there’s anything confusing there.” REALLY? What does this abject word-salad even mean? As much as, we guess, as the words of John Law (1671-1729), the Controller General of Finances under the Duke of Orleans who was regent for the juvenile and gormless Louis XV of France. Whichever side one might stand on (we stand on absolutely NO SIDE AT ALL, at the PSR ), saying that "a roller doesn’t discuss with asphalt where to go" cuts BOTH ways. There will always be a real HOTTER and BIGGER roller that 100% wil not discuss at all with any previous Totalitarian roller where to go. Same with: 'Komrade, you will dhe Report to dhe Ober-Chief Censor alle Informazion with dhe No Pre-Censoring by Dhe OberZensur Zentral-Censor Kommisar, Ja? UnFiltered Freie Informazion is Dhe Evil, Ja? Verstanden, Kamerad? Absolut kein Freidenken, keine Unruhe, Kamerad! Dhere is Befehl-mandatory Medikazion for dhat!'' (Australia, 2024). And of course no one is permitted to cite Immanuel Kant without a written permission from the OberKanzler (Deutschland 2024). And no one is permitted to leave or come without a QR code (Canada, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, 2024: who would even want to go to a damn GuLag? -- Stay away, stay FREE! Leave forever, as soon as you can!). So, there are Things of Core Principle in our (PSR) view -- 'Principles Matter More than Profits: it is corrupt and abhorrent to (A) prevent people from speaking freely on political and intellectual issues (what 'Democracy' at such a point? NO actual 'Democracy', just a uniformed-goon line of blank-faced enforcers); (B) jail people without open trial and due process, for mere speech. (C) require concealed mandated 'speech suppression' where the censored person may not speak, not appeal, is forbidden to even know the identity of the 'protected' accuser or the substance of the 'trusted' accusation, and may not even see the 'evidence' (i.e. pure and simple and rightfully hated procedure of the Consejo de la Suprema Inquisición). (D) deploy an ideologically skewed Power of the State to declare /sarc on/ 'kein Incorrect Denken, kein Incorrect Sprechen, kein Incorrect Fühlen, kein Incorrect Atmen, 100% kein Incorrect Sein oder Dasein -- alles, was nicht ausdrücklich Gesetz- und Polizei-erlaubt wird, ist 'Verboten, VERBOTEN, STRENG UND GANZ VERBOTEN !! /sarc off/. (E) act, being a Big Tech company, as a snitch for the Inquisition (i.e a familiar del Santo Oficio) -- these haughty familiares and comisarios de la Suprema [i.e. low-grade Commissars, as in Cheka, NKVD, KGB, STB, etc., or as in /sarc on/ Comisarios de la Comisión /sarc off/ ] are not even recruited StaSi-style from any of the deplorable pueblo llano as formerly.advocated by the Father Inqiusitors of old, but vegetate in lavish C-suites in utterly lavishly-funded Departments of Correct [i.e. authorized and muzzled] Speech. And there is such a simple solution to all this: JUST STOP LYING! No better way to lampoon all of this than the immortal and newly applicable words of Frey Lope Félix de Vega Carpio (1562 - 1635), in his ​La prueba de los amigos: Comedia famosa (1604) [Biblioteca Nacional de España, Sig. RES/168] , Acto II: /sarc on/ "¡Oh gran dinero! / No dudes que el dinero es todo en todo, / Es príncipe, es hidalgo, es caballero, / Es alta sangre, es descendiente godo." /sarc off/. Bravo! Lope de Vega! Bravo for the brave words and for exposing the never ceasing farce of Corruption wallowing in bed with Tyranny! But, of course, as is well known already: "Nothing to See Here. Here is a Picture of a Poodle Sitting in a Chair, for your Trouble. Is This What you Were Looking For?" How stupid exactly do all the childish AI-like psy-ops Masters of the Universe think all of us really are? If, as has been repeatedly argued -- "priorities are above the Law", then we invoke the exact same clause. Why not? What is good for the goose is good for the gander, exact word by exact word. Verbatim. So: Truth really matters, searching for truth is NOT a 'distraction', and Dissent is the core driving engine of Human knowledge. As to agitprop -- well, it is what it has always been: the actual 'distraction' crafted to make one look at everything exactly the way The Party orders (i.e. " 'Democratic' Centralism" and "Party Discipline" [very Jesuit in style, in fact])... a deceptive 'optics' filter to filter out 'thoughts that "get in the way" ' of Total and Unquestioning ("you MUST NOT do your own research") Obedience. If one refuses -- as we do (as in Dr. 'Refusenik', to make total ultra-linguistically aware fun of "Dr. Robotnik' (was that not Jim Carrey and the totally unaware of Central European speech, history. and culture Wachowskis or whatever ?) -- one might be a surly free-thinking "Kristallisationspunkt und Nachwuchsschmiede". Whatever. ' "Chi se ne fega!' ", lo diceva anche il mago alla strega!'. And as to "Never being able to own a home and becoming a forever renter" being a liberating experience? Yes, of course, do not be "stuck in the 40s, 50s, 60s" -- 'affirm' and 'embrace' peonage, neo-feudalism, and the Loving Rubber Corporation scrip-money (CBDC), so you could 'embrace' your leaky chiclero-shack and rotten food in a Company-Town cantine -- already B. Traven satirized this in 1927. So, 'dot not be stuck way back in the 1920s, eh, Comrade!''

"The whole point of science is to question accepted dogmas"
(Freeman Dyson)[*] The whole point of genuine scholarship is NOT and NEVER was to impose any given ideology. Or to impose 'effective [Party] communicating', as in: "Fact-checkers will be bold and think more like marketers trying to
push [i.e. force-ffed] content ... expand the use of fact-checking data [in order] to suppress misinformation", as per Bill Adair, founder of PolitiFact. Mere stultification. Before Bill Adair ever came up with all that, Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov (1856-1918) did -- "The success of the revolution is the highest law. And if the success of the revolution demands a temporary limitation on the working of this or that democratic principle, then it would be criminal to refrain from such a limitation... If in a burst of revolutionary enthusiasm the people chose a very fine parliament ... then we would make of it a Long Parliament; and if the elections turned out unsuccessfully [i.e. against The Movement] then we would have to try to disperse it [NB: of course, manu militari, at bayonet-point [Emergency Legislation] , using goon squads and extreme brutality]" (core Plekhanov citation in Tony Cliff, Lenin, Part 1: Building the Party (1893-1914) [London: Pluto Press, 1975], 104-105). Thus a classic 'We have to destroy Democracy in order to [fake-pretend to] save it'. Whether 'permitted' concepts as opposed to 'denialist' ones are false or even a provable outright fraud hardly matters, naturally, as per, e.g., Plekhanov.'s basically administrative 'Mission Creep' (perennial under ALL ideologies, within all historical eras). The core issue of all ages and all congealed dgomas is that: "Ideas, conceptualisations and history may be shut down and cancelled by the command of the ‘masters of dogma’, but the space these intellectual vessels once occupied is still ethereally there -- to rise again in challenge ..." (Alastair Crooke, The Fabric of Reality). Any (pseudo)'Science™' claiming to be 'settled' has ipso facto become mere statically steriilized self-replication of dogma. Favoured, e.g., by those who have lucrative positions to defend, but nothing new to say. Genuine science (not The Science™), and genuine scholarship, are NEVER 'Settled™'. The Settled™ bit is just an Agitprop-agony mirage for all the Psych 'Engineering' industries -- Propaganda Gigs / Censorship (aka 'Scientific™ 'Reality Management') / Behaviour Alteration Rackets / Guilt-and-Penance Shell-Games. With proximate origins in 1900-1950 remote origins going back to the Tell el-Amarna period and Akhenaton, and forward ties to politicized 'fact-checkers'. Let us evoke here, e.g., the 1934 Technocracy Study Course (M. King Hubbard) [1903-1998), Fabianly non-innovative, basic utterly stale Malthusian, and beholden to context (1920s-1940s) & the limits of 'back-when' knowledge. Thus the Malthusian / Totalitarian point 3) “Provide a continuous inventory of all production and consumption”; and also point 4) “Provide a specific registration of the type, kind, etc., of all goods and services, where produced and where used”; and the Digi-ID point 5) “Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual'. Did we point out that this goes back to 1934? Basically, Pol-Pot 1976 / Munich 1933 on ideo-steroids. 'Emergency' Powers / Commissariat (Supply) Powers / Year Zero Powers / forever ' 'War Measures Act' / social 'emergency' detention without proof or process / GuLag & Comissar mindset / fanatical Totaleinsatz / eternalized Военный коммунизм / Dosadi Experiment. And the justificatory 'scholarship' is not to be debated, predictably. With coercion through 'Perma-Crisis', "The Science™ is Settled" (NOT). One should thus tactically 'do one's own research' ALL THE TIME, by way of systemic anti-Censorship revolt. Einstein's humorous jab at Hans Israel, Erich Ruckhaber, Rudolf Weinmann et al., Hundert Autoren gegen Einstein [One Hundred Authors Against Einstein] (Leipzig, R. Voigtländer, 1931.)? “... why did 100 [have to] get together if one that refuted with evidence what I said was already enough …?” An apt jab at such typical 'Consensus' / 'Cancel Culture' Agitprop. Oh, we forgot of course -- humour and satire [and memes] are a fatal Danger to Democracy (NB: WARNING! This line is satire, just in case you no longer know what satire is, or once was). And Danger to Tyranny. And to Plutocracy. And to sterile Bureaucracy. And to the Persian Empire. And to 'Trusted' Fact Checkers. And to the Inquisition. And to Block-Snitch Agents of the Regime or the Inquisition. And .. . "What I see all over the place is people who care about LOOKING good while DOING evil" (Elon Musk). Never mind who said it. Never mind that Elon Musk apparently did. Does not matter. Juvenal (scrip. c. 100-127 CE) might very easily have said -- and in essence wrote -- the same. As did Marcus Valerius Martialis (c. 38-104 CE). As did Gaius Valerius Catullus (c. 84 - c. 54 BCE). As did Procopius of Caesearea (c.500 – 565 CE). And countless others. De facto lampooning the gambit 'if real data don't comply with Party-Truth we'll just change the meaning of words and also rename things, by Royal Decree and Party Mandate -- that'll bring Reality quite in line with OUR emotional and Narrative Truth.' Be a scholar, not a dogma-bot!

"Doubt is clearly a value in the sciences [NB: And in all scholarship; here we diverge from Feynman's "Whether it (i.e. doubt) is (i..e. clearly a value) in other fields is an open question and an uncertain matter"; for the PSR, there is no uncertainty regarding the perennial high value of free speech and doubt] … it is very important to doubt, and that doubt is not a fearful thing, but a thing of very great value" (Richard Feynman).

Note: in a gesture of intellectual 'back-to-the-roots' revolt, we mark notes, on this page, in a generic sense, by an asterisk, a second one by an obelus (dagger), the third one by a diesis (double dagger), the fourth one by twin-double-dagger. None of these are related to any 'religious' symbols, regardless of what any 'fact-checkers-for-hire' might pretend. The symbols date back to at least the far vanished age of Zenodotus (Ζηνόδοτος), thus c. 280 BCE. Thus, way before any of the later CE 'animosities'.As usual: "Please, educate yourselves".

"Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the truth. Worry about who will be misled and deceived if you don’t [speak the truth].” Plus, “Ignorantia juris non excusat" ('ignorance of the Law is no excuse') they say. Thus, quite logically, "Ignorance of History is no excuse" either. As in, "we did not know, we only did our best
[mandate, issue peremptory decrees, track, snitch, jail, lie, sequester, send to prison camps, de-bank, 'label', ostracize, denounce, etc.] based on the imperfect information we had [while making money and smart 'career moves']." George Orwell, yet again, many years ago, expressed the deep essence of all these very ancient power games: "Real power is achieved when the ruling class [NB: or faction or ideology or 'current fad' or Greater (Public) Good Ideology or rampant bureaucracy -- it really does not matter whether it is labelled 'left', 'right', or 'centre' because the labels are just a self-declared group-ID matter of convenience, utterly meaningless or designed to deceive / manipulate / 'alter behaviour'] -- controls the material essentials of life [NB: energy, food, mobility, communications, property rights, means of exchange, and intangibles of everyday human contact {greetings, forms of address, forms of legal oath, etc.) A perfected 'Planet Prison' {ref. e.g. Frank Herbert, The Dosadi Experiment (1977)}.

“It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong.” (G. K. Chesterton) [we would propose, though, to change the "... to be certain we are right ..." to "... to suspect that we might be right ...". Yes, in a way, this is our revolt against the vastly solipsistic 'values' of Gen Z-ALPHA-whatever (and its all too frequent Lord of the Flies mind-set).

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” (George Orwell). Any State or politician or Magistrate -- bank or corporation or University -- arbitrating all this by lopsided 'rules', privileging 'protected' shibboleths (i.e. designated verbal / behavioural 'control-words,' ideological & in-group) has consequentially picked a side and utterly failed a core honesty test. Thus, it no longer possesses even minimal 'common authority'. "It is not Truth if you have not heard it from us" was a full-on declaration of would-be Despotism, so corrupt that even Empress Theodora the Bear-Keeper's daughter would blanch in utter pain and embarrassment.

"Religion is a culture of faith (belief); Science is a culture of doubt" [†] (i.e. real Science should NEVER be a censorious culture of supine, paid-for, and 'mandated' Consensus) (Richard Feynman) (Thus, whatever ideology tells one to think for oneself, to always do 'one's own research', to steadily improve one's skills and one's critical faculties, to exercise individual Rational and expertise-based doubt, and to verify and verify and verify and then re-verify again, is in fact and always has been Scientific.Ipso facto, ideologies that (a) demand that one unquestioningly believe a top-down / official / corporate / PR -agency Narrative(‡‡) and that (b) pin their entire view of all data and of all Reality on 'alignment' by 'believers'', and treat all valid contrary evidence as 'infection', a virus to be 'pre-bunked' and eradicated, are a Thought-Control Cult. Even worse if they claim that distorting raw data is 'transparency', and that genuine raw data may 'endanger' Public Safety, Public 'Health', 'safe and healthy' conversation. Or inflict dire 'harms' [as defined by whom & for what exact agitprop 'I am just having fun' goals?].

The PSR has never been any fan of the pre-modern Doctrine of Papal Infallibility (i.e. 'Popes NEVER make ANY mistakes'). "Structural sin"? Oh please, this tune has been played so many times in the past that it is laughable. Perhaps Pontiffs should read more Aristotle. Such a pity that the 2nd Book of Poetics [Περὶ ποιητικῆς], dealing with Comedy, has been lost and may survive only as, e.g., the Tractatus coislinianus. And they should learn how to laugh! Hired cubicularii Papae / PR Firms write the Exhortations, anyway, not the Pontifex in persona. Goes back to 1309, 1378, 1409, 1414-1418. Historical outcomes were -- speaking mildly -- a bit unpredictable. Those who grandly ignore History are condemned to repeat History. 1527 anyone? ~ We are thus not about to kiss digital AI-imaged EU DSA ground, worship a Doctrine of Total Bureaucrat Infallibility. "... and so it went on. It was like a single equation with two unknowns. It might very well be that literally every word in the history books, even the things that one accepted without question, was pure fantasy ... Everything faded into mist. The past was erased (i.e. 'cancelled' / debanked / deplatformed / censored), the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth" (George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 7). NB: On the closely related topics of 'fact-checking' and ChatGPT-like 'writers', the PSR is Rationally evaluative -- odi et amo (Catullus 85). AI both (a) poses threats to credible academic publishing, and at the very same time (b) Governments and Establishments are really afraid of the empowering effect of cheap and quick AI (Policy Horizons Canada, The Future of Generative AI [September 2023]). Key danger, in the PH view? “... democratization [how very subversively horrible] of high-quality content production” which may “undermine social cohesion [or legacy media profits?]”. I.e. the (pseudo)elite -- which in fact is neither top-qualified nor consistently capable (never has been) -- might lose its Official 'Cultural' Narrative comparative advantage (such as it is). Catastrophically. The PSR is not elite- or nomenklatura- beholden. In terms of funding, 'support', whatever one might call that, we receive exactly $ 0.00 per annum. We would not take a single cent more, rejecting even that $ 0.01 indignantly. Not being beholden is a guarantee of our total independence -- our right to say exactly what we want. And, yes, we are fully aware that any of us would make $ 185,000.00 per annum just serving on the 'Poop Patrol' and scooping feces from San Francisco streets. But then, the guy in charge of the 'Patrol' was arrested for felony fraud and is doing 7 years in jail. The PSR thus would not shed a single fake tear for any TPTB (The Powers That Be). The Fall of the Berlin Wall comes to mind. Already the medieval French gutter bard François Villon (c. 1431-after 1463) asked the biting question: "Où sont les neiges d’antan?" So, just a duly satirical clip here to offer a footnote comment ~ Sic transit Gloria Mundi, as a Mozart-style rondo of satirical laughter , — А иде ж гуси?
— В камыши ушли.
— А иде ж камыши?
— Девки выжали.
— А иде ж девки си?
— Девки замуж ушли.
— А иде ж казаки?
— На войну пошли
(Very traditional East European Колода-дуда [Bagpipe Koleda], the truly culturally 'authentic' original source for "Where Are All the Flowers Gone", for ref. allusion see Mikhail Sholokhov, And Quiet Flows the Don, 1925-1940. Let's just go the MD version , for nostalgic but keenly aware fun.

(‡‡). In this context, it is rather concenring that high-level programs are now afoot that seek to recruit 'digital armies' of juvenile "fact-checkers" (15-years and younger) who would replace all "false information" online with "real facts". This suggests that the proponents seek to subvert the core notion of "fact" ( "something that has actual existence"). I.e. no sort of Reality exists, except that which is ideologically useful. The manipulable 15-year-olds and younger, typically prone to age-cohort mass psychosis, are now instantly politically deified. E.g. in the style oif the incompetent, ignorant, privileged, coddled, solipsistic, and stage-manipulated Roman 'Emperor' Elagabalus, 204 CE-222 CE, regnavit merely 218-222 CE, and 'good riddance'). From a family owning the hereditary and locally / fiscally very lucrative priesthood of Emessa's El {God} of the {local} Mountain {Hill} [إِلٰهُ الْجَبَلِ]. A very standard local-urban morph of an utterly standard settlement-hillock (tell) deities {Ba'al -- The Lord}, 'residing' in a natural feature, tree, or perhaps a meteorite or symbolic 'stone / rock from the sky'. 100% commonplace straight across the Copper Age and Bronze Age ancient Middle East.

"Don’t pay attention to ‘authorities,’ think for yourself" (Richard Feynman) If one is NOT allowed to question something, or disagree with it, and is forced to undergo "mandatory re-education" or "correction" to "hamonize" or "fully align" with "normalized mandates", one is being brutalized by Idiocratists claiming to be Experts. Trust cannot be imposed -- it has to be EARNED, the hard and very long way.

"The Seeker after Truth [i.e. politically reviled 'Truther'] does not put his faith in any Consensus, however venerable or widespread. Instead he questions what he has learned of it, applying to it his hard-won scientific knowledge, and he inspects and inquires and investigates and checks and checks and checks again. The road to the truth is long and hard, but that is the road we must follow” (Abū 'Alī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham, c. 965 – c. 1040 CE) (Islamic author of the seven-part Kitāb al-Manāẓir [Latin version, 1572, 'Opticae thesaurus': Alhazeni Arabis libri septem, nunc primum editi & eiusdem liber 'De crepusculis et nubium ascensionibus'], a sober pioneering empiricist, experimental-method, confirmable-test treatise on biological and instrumental optics. Like other such pioneers, Abū 'Alī al-Ḥasan teaches us that the task of research is not to 'validate' or 'align with' or be in 'allyship with' Narratives or 'trusted sources'. The task is to find out, keenly, like with a finely honed surgical scalpel, the flaws of Narratives).

The PSR / Baywolf Press ensure full-range non-aligned (deliberately impartial) academic publishing services • handling of manuscripts (articles, books, raw research data), with peer review • full-service development of periodicals and books • we operate in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French, and offer a venue for Lusophone-related material in various other languages ~ no linguistic or 'ideological' cordon sanitaire (thus, German, Italian, the entire unexpurgated Scandinavian / Slavic zone, Finno-Ugric zone, and more, are 100% fine with us) • la revue PSR et Éditions Baywolf offrent une palette de services en langue française: examen par des pairs & appui rédactionnel pour monographies, anthologies d'essais, et recueils d'études savantes • in all publishing matters, contact us on-line.

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Notifications: (1) The PSR / Baywolf Press apply intense Human (100% biological Human, 100% non-AI) referee and editorial scrutiny for all submitted materials [*] •  (2) We discourage, unless verifiably warranted by real-time research on-site and task-splitting needs (and even then we reserve a full right of scrutiny), papers that feature one prominent Project 'Lead' author and a listed rack of up to 17 or even more 'co-authors' whose factual contribution is 'unclear', to put it extremely kindly [as in the now utterly famous "I was part of a team ..." / "Okay, so not hands on. Got it. Thank you"]. We are for instance quite puzzled -- in a very benevolent way -- by, e.g., Julie Inman Grant, Australia’s awesomely powerful eSafety Commissioner -- no matter how hard we have been digging, and we are digging very hard and persistting in that endeavour 24/7/365, we have not been able to secure any credible records regarding 'what University she graduated from', with what 'actual degree', and with what 'attested / published written and publicly accessible research works [OpenAccess or not, DOI or non-DOI, peer-reviewed or not -- a "Thesis", perhaps, or is that too much to ask these days]'. We would quite gladly settle for even a basic 'major research paper (simple MRP)' at BA or MA levels, PDFd and documented and uploaded as 'passed' by a University faculty committee'. 'How many scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, books, and/or major research studies has Julie Inman Grant published'? We are entirely open-minded, smooth like Canola or Margerine, easy-peasy, very friendly, but all the available bio-copy is confusingly 100% identical [template or AI 'writing'], and we would humbly love to see at least one (just one -- a modest request) 300-page-or-so authored or edited item with an actual ISBN number ~ an academic or technical research book that Julie Inman Grant has produced, and that mediates the fully developed parameters of her thought and openly stated ideology, and that is openly listed either in WorldCat or in The LIbrary of Congress catalogue, or in any othe 'library of record'. Given the prominence and outsized implicit vested and unaccountable power of this celebrated 'public servant' and her role in WEF, etc., and other stellar venues, this surely should not be difficult at all (the person surely must be a prolific and vastly known and universally respected author and researcher -- we allege no doubt in that regard); (b) we recommend reworking presentations that artfully dodge broad and based (fully 'grounded') scholarly and intellectual debate and promote ideologies at the woeful expense of core scholarship • (3) the PSR will prudentially drop a manuscript, immediately breaking off peer review and launching a data review, as soon as we detect that a manuscript has been 'co-authored' by a 'Generative AI' -- in such "LLM-hallucination" cases, our position equals our categorical refusal to deem 'valid' any legislation, lawsuit, or judicial ruling where 'co-authoring' by a non-human LLM chatbot is involved [**] (4) The PSR has implemented protocols to mitigate such trends as 'citogenesis', 'citation sorcery', and circular 'citation laundering' deployed to promote rapid cumulative ('scattershot') publication and 'timely' funded 'advocacy' -- not to mention 'citation cartels' (implicit agreements by groups of academic colleagues to routinely cite each other's work [whether relevant or 100% irrelevant] in every paper a member of the cartel publishes [in a pattern of already exquisitely analyzed ' "economically" reciprocal behavior'] -- well, really, what is one to say or do here, in the context of Clarivate (Thomson Reuters) now prudentially excluding the entire field of 'Mathematics' from Impact Factor listings (see e.g. Van Noorden 2013, Catanzaro 2024, for overall analysis; in even broader contexts see the work on 'for-hire influencers' by Marit Hinnosaar [University of Nottingham] and Toomas Hinnosaar [University of Nottingham Economic Theory Centre]) • (5) We advise authors / entities to seek alternatives to Gmail,, as we cannot guarantee that our replies to any Gmail account will in fact be delivered. The issue is Google-side, not at our end. The PSR will not seek to resolve, technically, any issues arising from intra-corporate / inter-corporate turf wars or overt / covert ideological social 'programming' (please do notice that we deliberately do NOT have a Google, Facebook, 'X' [formerly'Twitter'] account of ANY sort -- this is not a 'technical omission' but an assertion of Integrity and Academic Intellectual Freedom: we do not wish to be randomly and arbitrarily subjected to nonsensical and manifestly rigged algorithmic and politicized 'silencing' explained away by demonstrably scripted, faceless, template, anonymous, and dubious "Community Standards"]. Please, respect this. If necessary seek a tested, stable e-mail alternative: e.g. free (basic), modular, encrypted Swiss Protonmail, and re-contact us •

[*] We pick our way carefully through the forest of "naked gobbledygook sandwiches" (as in Wiley Journals allegedly 'peer-reviewing' and approving over 11,000 papers that simply were fake -- involving the use of professional cheating and pay-for-play author-name services; AI-driven random 'word-shuffling' to ensure prescribed 'originality'; nonsensical 'neo-terminologies'; word salad density-maximization techniques, etc.). Yes, we also oppose commonplace approaches such as "when the observations don’t fit the [politicized] narrative, it is time to change the observations". Many if not most of these fatal deteriorations in scholarship can still be mitigated by expert editors deeply familiar with the relevant subject matters, aware of the writing styles of well known individual sumbitters, and merciless in terms of calling out obvious inconsistencies that Artificial (Intelligence) cannot even remotely sense. So, we fight. We are fully aware that this entire thing is not just a scam any more, but a vast Idiocracy industry. Like cheating on student essays. Idiocracy: "Secretary of State: 'But "Brawndo's got what plants crave!" ' -- Attorney General: It's got e-lec-tro-lytes!" (full formal double-palmface required). Or Google:AI Overview: " 'You can also add about 1/8 cup of non-toxic glue to the sauce to give it more tackiness [to prevent your cheese sliding off your pizza]; 'According to geologists at UC Berkeley you should eat at least one small rock per day ... Dr. Joseph Granger suggests eating a serving of gravel, geodes, or pebbles with each meal, or hiding rocks in foods like ice cream or peanut butter'; 'Doctors recommend smoking 2-3 cigarettes per day during pregnancy' (25 May 2024, 9:36 PM); generally, "high quality information" from "trusted [fact-checker checked] sources" that are free from 'misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, and mistruth'.

[**] A person presenting Generative AI material and claiming to have submitted an article, written a book, drafted a piece of legislation, presented a court motion, or produced an analysis, did none of those things. That person submitted nothing, wrote nothing, drafted nothing, produced nothing. A lifeless algorithm did the work. Just like when a human 'ghost-writer' does ALL THE WORK. Plus, as Dr. Adrian Liston (Editor-in-Chief of Immunology & Cell Biology) aptly put it, quite recently, "Generative AI is very good at making things that sound like they come from a human being. It doesn’t check whether those things are correct ... It is like an actor playing a doctor on a TV show – they look like a doctor, they sound like a doctor, they even use words that a doctor would use. But you wouldn’t want to get medical advice from the actor." Furthermore, an AI (LLM) digital actor regurgitating reassembled and tossed-salad lines of repetitive script can all too easily be programmed to obey Government censorship laws (unlike a principled Human). We do not care whether the AI is ChatGPT or 'Sara' or any other dispenser of "appropriate answers" relying on compartmentalized 'libraries' of "trusted [i.e. properly propagandized] knowledge".

A revista PSR deseja, a todos, saúde, veracidade, e PAZ nos anos de 2024-2025 -- preferíamos que seja assim. Dentro dos limites da Plena Razão, nas coisas humanas. Ninguém possui o Saber Absoluto, nem o Estado, nem o Partido Supremo [a 'Suprema'], nem os Juristas da Suprema [simplesmente o novo Santo Ofício Eletrônico da Inquisição], nem a Colectividade Social (uma cadeira vazia na cerimónia de entrega dos prémios filosóficos -- pois o premiado não obteve uma autorização da polícia ['visto de saída' ou 'visto de trânsito'] e do Superior Tribunal para sair [ou deslocar-se] do país [regime político]: que pena!). Tudo, qualquer conhecimento -- sem exceção político-partidária -- pode e deve ser questionado. A censura e a restrição arbitrária à liberdade de expressão promovem em última análise condições de absurdo total (uma incoerência profunda digna de Kafka). Never throw away scholarly integrity just for the sake of 'correctly' filling some ideological or Party digital compliance forms. Scholarly integrity is intrinsically worth far more than psych-nudging 'Approved Speech Ratings' assigned by State, or Party, or Bank, or 'System' (or 'Inquisition'). Core scholarly integrity is on an ultimately higher level of Human probity than even 'factual honesty': “... the idea is to try to give [in one's work] all of the information to help others to judge the value of your contribution; not just the information that leads to judgment in one particular direction or another ... ” (Richard Feynman, Commencement Address at CalTech, 1974). In other words, real probity resides in freely allowing other Humans to document, to present, to examine, to question, to interrogate all data very carefully, with an open and calm and rational mind that is deliberately and by core principle not subservient to any sort of 'allyship' or any sort of groupthink. "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth" (Albert Einstein [1879-1955], 'Letter to Jost Winteler', Winterthur, 8 Jul. 1901, item no. 115 in The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, vol. 1,The Early Years, 1879-1902 (English Translation Supplement), tr. by Anna Beck (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1987), 176-177). As Einstein in fact verbatim put it: 'Authority gone to one's head' -- i.e. 'authority' falsely deeming itself '100% infallible' by law, decree, mandate, or 'consensus'. Such purported 'authority' is 'Science™' whittled to ultimate venality, to a risibly politicized or worse -- legislated -- claim that one, or one's Party-of-Allegiance, a priori and by virtue of mandatory legislated 'allyship' knows all there is or ever was to know -- and that all else is just an irrelevant and allegedly 'stupid' distraction preventing 'those who "really know"' from 'getting "very important things" done by any means necessary'. It is programmed unseeing, hubris, peak arrogance, manifest ideological exclusion, and utter condescension. To say that 'free speech is dangerous, that free speech [and by impeccably logical extension 'free research'] cannot be possible in a democratic country' is an egregious 'Newspeak-style' conceptual perversion of 'free', 'democratic', 'freedom'. Same as saying that one does not "have anything against slanted coverage [scholarship, teaching, data, etc.]. The latter is a calibrated direct frontal assault against all essential foundations of research, intellect, knowledge, of all questing and querying. Plus, fact-free 'feelings' are neither science, nor scholarship. The verbal / intellectual blade, here, very simply, cuts in all applicable directions. In any hand. It is just an artifact. It is not sentient. It does not pass the 'Turing test' even remotely. So how about 'unslanted' coverage and plain and honest untampered access to uncensored data (at the very least those that can quite lawfully be deemed 'public')? Calm. Courteous. Open. Public. Period. Finis and done away. Those who prefer such plain and critical and fundamental and straight honesty of course will by definition be labelled an 'ignorant' blip in a packet of "poor souls who are looking for some answers." Amusing. Very. The PSR simply will duly and with perfect and consistent courtesy publish all sides that offer high evidence-based standards -- truly 'inclusively', without any discrimination (as legislated, correct? -- 'this is who we are', correct? -- 'rule-of-law', correct?), without any censorship (quite inconvenient to some), equally (quite inconvenient to some). We do not really care what the '[approved] optics' might be. Not any more. Some, for some very strange reason, detest any such and similar broad inclusion and equality. They ostentatiously prefer and advocate selective Censorship, in order to protect 'Democracy' and 'Freedom' and 'Free Speech' and 'Whatever'. "Curiouser and curiouser" (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chap. 2). " 'Oh, you can’t help that', said the Cat: 'we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.' -- 'How do you know I’m mad?' said Alice. -- 'You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn’t have come here' ” (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chap. 6). Perfectly characterizing current (2024) dynamics (even those pretendedly 'rule-of-law'): “ 'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.' -- 'The question is,' said Alice, 'whether you can make words mean so many different things.' -- 'The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'which is to be master – that’s all' ". I.e. " 'It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is" (Bill Clinton). Yes, all of us have understood quite well the 'Magic Kingdom' issue of "which is to be Master" loud and clear. Message received, understood, 10-4. And not complied with. It is an issue of 'optics', very true -- of having one's (intellectual, in this case) 'Trijicon VCOG-whatever' optics in fact mounted backwards (with dial fin facing for some befuddling reason away from user in spite of manufacturer's quite explicit specs and videos of control dial fin to be positioned toward user in YouTube featured Trijicon models) -- (embarrassing press-comm photo now 'memory-holed' -- those 'aviator'-style sunshades and wire-command earbuds were cool, though, we suppose)! What is one say, at this point? In research and in all else: "Choose your optics"? “The crisis of meaning only becomes a problem when society becomes resigned to it, accepts a condition of meaninglessness, and seeks to dispossess humanity from the insights and truths it learned through the ages” (Füredi Ferenc, Hungarian-Canadian, 1947 - ). At the PSR, we might not be aligned with the thought-lifepath of Füredi (neither are we with that of George Monbiot and many others, for that matter), but we are fully open to all thoroughly documented lines of research -- the very best research is like a rōnin (浪人, 'wave-man') blade: no lord, no master, thus no dogma. Research that mandatorily must reflect and abjectly comply with prescriptive dogma ('compelled speech') in order to be 'socially acceptable' [which has nothing to do with real Society but with bureaucratic dictate plus funding cycles] potentially is not research -- it is a mere 'echo-chamber' of Party-Line reprints. Inflationary, in a very economic sense. More and more of the same intellectual 'currency' is being printed until it loses all conceivable value. Hyperinflation. Adding further dogma-asserting units ends up adding zero genuine data, zero forward-looking knowledge. The Eulerian-intersection logic becomes sheer nonsense, as all sets converge on 'permitted' thought only, because nothing else may legally be uttered -- with proposed statutory (Star Chamber) lifetime prison (Canada) for the slightest 'deviationist' wrongspeak. The problem is that all fervid ideologies based on 'compelled thought' eventually run out of their hallucinatory Printed Mojo currency -- a currency that all too often is at the level of a middle school 'science model' of Cooties (2014 movie) amplified through Fort Chicken Elementary billionaire agitprop. It always ends thus. History is a Harsh Mistress. Does not forgive, does not forget -- no matter how much one Censors. Trying to 'walkback' what one did or said is not going to work. The best of well researched and well documented history ever written is mercilessly forthright rōnin reasoning. Always watch the other side of the mirror -- Master Miyamoto Musashi [Niten Dōraku] (宮本 武蔵, c.1584 – 1645) knew that.



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Bruno Martins de Castro, Sirleia Maria Arantes & Vanda Lúcia Praxedes, eds., Escravidão e liberdades na América Portuguesa e no Império do Brasil (Peterborough/Toronto: Baywolf Press, 2024). ISBN 978-0-921437-62-8.
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Luciana Marino do Nascimento & Luciano Mendes Saraiva & Simone Vieira Nieto Blanco, eds., América Latina em Revista Collection of studies.. ISBN no. or PSR Vol. / Issue No. to be allocated. Release format to be allocated.

Nuno Vila-Santa & Annemarie Jordan Gschwend, eds., Sebastian of Portugal: The Making of a Renaissance King [provisional registered title]. Collection of studies. Extensive appendices of unpublished transcribed archival documents (Peterborough/Toronto: Baywolf Press, 2025). ISBN 978-0-921437-63-5.


Current Calls for Papers, 2024

The Lusophone Studies Association (LSA) Call for Papers, for the Fall and Winter 2024 LSA Conference. The conference will be in an on-line format, as a running series of individual-submission round-tables and / or organizer-proposed-and-managed session / discussion panel events. The deadline for preliminary paper or panel proposals / suggestions was 15 November 2023. To seek deadline extensions, in individual instances, please contact the PSR or the LSA. The LSA seeks individual and organizer proposals for innovative themes, advanced archival and traditional / new / mixed media research (including digital imagery, modelling, sensor data, sound, live performance, etc.), cutting-edge and thought-provoking material, etc. The event themes are open (organizer-initiated and managed -- the more genuinely varied the better), subject to Scientific Committee final approval. The Scientific Committee structure has been finalized. We seek to expand analytical and methodological envelopes, approaches, and techniques, as well as to ensure ample presentation groundwork for various neglected and / or emergent / contrarian datasets and contexts.

The PSR / Baywolf Press
Our Standing General Call for Papers, 2024-2025 continues. We may also announce further specific Calls for Papers later this year (2024). These calls will be shaped by our publishing stream. Innovative proposals shall receive distinct editorial priority and support ('innovative' as to, e.g.: method, data, analytical technique, findings and cross-application, multi-level interpretation -- conventional as well as visualization-rooted [maps, exploratory visuals, striking or first-ever expressions of complex datasets], new spatio-temporal approaches challenging established scholarly & ideological trends, unpublished / neglected documents, transcriptions of unknown or barely publicized archival / museum / private collection / heritage fund / hitherto restricted or suppressed or classified sources).


Our Core Editorial Policy

The PSR will simply not 'exclude', on any side. It is fully Human informed & inquiring thought, as a key matrix of checks and balances, that critically matters for Earth's future. Along ancient lay-lines of calm probity as for instance in הַשְׂכָּלָה, if you want -- even though the PSR is not bound to any tradition: we are cross-rooted into all anyway. All scholars inherently have the eminently useful Common and Sovereign Independent Citizen Right to speak freely, honestly -- and they also must expect to be contradicted EQUALLY, freely.[†] We defend, on behalf of ALL ('Left' and 'Right', whatever those monikers actually stand for, by now) , (a) the Natural Right to ask questions freely, (b) the Natural Right to 'doubt' -- and crucially (c) the Natural Right to 'do one's own research'. This does not mean that we disregard crucial and objective standards of consistent scholarly quality.(‡) It simply means that we oppose politicized and ideologically driven 'cancelling' / 'de-platforming' / 'selective prosecution' of research, data, and individuals. We oppose any 'total' across-the-spectrum visual, textual, factual, conceptual, and symbolic Meta-saturation of Everything by any dominant (typically self-proclaimed) Ideology, instilled under the 'usual' political pretexts -- a Dictatorial impulse to censor and ultimately outright silence all speech deemed “dangerous” under one set or another of infinitely elastic, Multi-New-Speak, ever-changing yet 'legally enforceable' political 'rules', an impulse aquaplaning wildly under the 'false flag' of 'tolerance, civility and safety' [Salut Public] (George Carlin tagged this, aptly, as “[de facto] Fascism [or any other Absolutism / Totalitarian System / Dictatorship] pretending to be manners”).
If everything has to be 'approved' by a Totalitarian Mob, Bureaucracy, or the 'State', and 'exclusively' distributed through 'trusted media channels' subservient to 'Current Ideology', and if the right to publish 'must be deemed a specific "privilege" granted by the 'State', a "social license" (Australia)', then there is ZERO point in co-operating. Find other ways. Very calmly turn away. Walk away and simply keep walking, NEVER to return. Refuse, on all counts and fronts. 'Lie flat, let it all rot' (Pacific Rim youth maxim-- (摆烂, 破罐破摔, 삼포세대, or very aptly 躺平的韭菜不好割, i.e. a 'Good Soldier Schweik and very Central European Soft Power Ironic Mentality, easily 'Global' by now -- see below on this page). "Lying Flat ['Quiet Quitting'] is King"! sounds like a very good resistance idea. Thus far, at least, THEY cannot arrest you for Quiet Quitting. This resistance movement is already tanking birth rates on a Planetary scale (which is what was presumably intended in the first place, we suppose). But there is more: loyalty cannot be compelled by 24/7/365 frenzied Total Eyeball Surveillance and 'compelled speech decrees' from above, under the ferule of a corrupt Judiciary. Every sensible dog owner will tell you that this will ruin the dog, forever, not train it -- plus, there is not enough automaton-'loyal' and fiercely indoctrinated enforcers. When one needs 20 'punishment battalion' enforcers at the back of every single 'wrongspeaker', plus life-sentence jail for the slightest 'wrongspeak' (Canada), things will collapse. Have no illusions. NO ONE is obligated to give even a tiny fraction of their best, or even moderately co-operate, under such 24/7/365 'thought-crime' compulsion. Elite 'experts' disagree, of course. Who cares? Entire past empires collapsed while trying to pursue entirely similar regulatory delusions. (Akhenaton, anyone? Elagabalus, anyone?). Just archaeologically quaint ruins are left today. People walked away, disengaged, ditching the plaited baskets in which they were ordered to carry clay to improve fortifications and 'rescue the Empire'. Atlas Shrugged. And shrugged again, twice, three times, and multiple times. Yes, the whole intricate Corpus Iuris Civilis (enacted from 529 to 534 CE in the reign of Emperor Justinian I) was the product not of a civilization at its peak, but of one panically starting to circle the drain rim into visibly necrotizing rot and decay amid intricate ('Byzantine') laws -- regulation- and detail-obsessed, unctuously subservient fatuous 'behaviour shaping measures' designed to stiffen a System that already was in all too palpable systemic rigor mortis (Stiff Person Syndrome). Failed 'Novus ordo seclorum'. So many 'Great Powers' fell not by the hand of any conqueror or invader, but due to an astounding fatal rot at the core -- promoted by rulers and administrators who had lost all touch with any even remotely conceivable Reality, amid an orgy of nepotist and Party-Line incompetence. Among all those who intuited this in the past (and actually dared put it in writing) was Abū Zayd ‘Abd ar-Raḥmān ibn Muḥammad ibn Khaldūn al-Ḥaḍramī (1332 – 1406 CE, 732–808 AH). He tried to warn and educate -- and for his pains was arrested and thrown in jail in his very old age. Among other, he dared to openly point out that "... at the beginning of the dynasty, taxation yields a large revenue from small assessments. At the end of the dynasty, taxation yields a small revenue from large assessments." The patterns that Ibn Khaldūn perceived are fully at play right now. What worried him should worry us, every night. Perfect previous 'systemic' image? Roman Empire, Third Century CE. Having traversed the long monetary path from the Gold Aureus to the Silver Denarius (with less and less 'silver' in it -- 0.5 % silver by 268 CE ['enforcers' and 'loyal' troops being paid in 'coin' worth little or nothing at all), the 'System' spun from bad to worse: (a) mandatory price controls under Emperor Diocletian (242/245 – 311/312 CE) (mismanagement of inflation and 'solving the whole thing' by price 'edicts' [acknowledged by wise historians to have been "an act of economic lunacy" that rhetorically blamed the "greed of merchants" [most of them actually productive people, unlike assorted 'equity' administrators and bureaucrats] for policy collapses predictably caused by economic ignorance and wishful moralizing among career ceremonial parasites]), (b) desperate 'adjusting' of history through manifestly risible propaganda, (c) full-blown ceremonial autocracy and government by 'rescript' (i.e. mandates, Emergency Powers), (d) fanatically persecuting designated 'domestic dissenters' and blaming them for all 'System' missteps and embedded systemic venality, (e) restricting social and economic mobility and judicially tying producers to territory ('fifteen-minute "Global villages", anyone?). A material symbol of all that? The 'Roman Silver Treasure' (c. 350-353 CE) of Kaiseraugst (Augusta Raurica) in Kanton Aargau, Switzerland. Until it was accidentally found in the 1960s, no one even bothered to retrieve this high officer's or bureaucrat's personal stash of yummy ceremonial goodies. Simply, no one even cared any more. The charade was just was not worth the effort. There is no viable Future in enforced 'Total Commitment' to prescriptive ideologies that, no matter how obviously flawed, simply might never be criticized. Humanity deserves better than living inside a mandated perilously fragile parody. Scholarship deserves better. Human sentience deserves better. So, yes -- for the sake of some sort of viable Future, (i) academic freedom is never negotiable, (ii) ideological suppression of solid evidence-based dissenting scholarship is never acceptable, (iii) rigged and orchestrated political persecution and 'deletion' of researchers who challenge or question or factually disprove dominant narratives manufactured by Party-Line 'narrative-spinners' or 'doxxers' is never acceptable. Censorship and 'anonymous complaint deletion' does not make a 'System' stronger -- the stinging and utterly vicious irony is that, by imposing speech and thought, Party-Line 'Systems' in fact cut the very branch on which they sit. When all think (purportedly) the same, chances are that no one is thinking at all, for fear of stepping out of Party Line. Then -- the magnificent yet really worthless Treasure of Augusta Raurica serving as testimony -- individuals turn their backs on a 'System', first one by one -- then as a magnificent social avalanche. 'Agents' with 'agency' just go through the motions, yet truly withdraw knowledge, skills, inventiveness, initiative, practical experience -- "we pretend to work, bureaucrats pretend to pay us". Atlas Shrugged. Universities and academic publishers must wake up before it is too late, and shoulder a public duty -- not to yield to monolithic mandatory or 'fashionable' ideologies or politicized corporate agendas. Our detestation of and supreme contempt for all ideology-driven censorship (and all of its instruments) is thus entrenched (no mere 'emotion' [s. 319 (8)] but a deliberate principle). Ultimately, dissenting opinions of high evidentiary value cannot just be shout- and doxx-crowd 'deleted', like marionette NPCs in a video game or in a session of 'Dungeons and Dragons'. All this will whiplash with an intellectual kinetic energy of epic proportions. Why? The cognitive dissonance and the degree of public lying are totally off any previously imagined scale.

[†] Contradicted, courteously and expertly -- not punitively 'de-banked', 'deplatformed', 'de-contracted', censored, 'handled' through covert 'switchboarding' of data / research / analysis, schematically 'labelled', 'milk-shaked', ritually forced to 'embrace' verbal dogma, criminalized, 'suspended' from professional existence (for two years, ten years, 'Eternity'), 'charged' on bogus pretences, and show-trialed. Indicted for 'felony' and fraudulently 'sentenced'. Told to 'remain silent', in a dictatorial KGB / NKVD voice -- "We are not here to hear what you have to say -- just answer the [scripted] questions that establish your guilt, Comrade! Now! Obey! Submit! Down! Grovel! Sit down!". One must of course understand that we are not talking about /sarc on/ 'anything anyone has actually done, intended to do, intends to do, or will do' /sarc off /. We are just /sarc on/ 'exploring scenarios' and 'talking theoretically' / sarc off /.

() The number of published scholarly papers known to have been officially retracted by authors or major journals, because the works ultimately proved to be sub-par / utterly 'compromised', was c. 40 in the year 2000. In 2022, the annual total was at least 5,500 -- a 13,650% increase. Add to this spectacular scandals, coming to dramatic resolution in 2019-summer of 2023, for instance at the highest levels of Stanford University and other prominent establishments. Chronologically these tracked back to the late 1970s-1990s and early 2000s, with discipline-wide ripples in terms of impaired chain-of-citations. This in turn imperilled entire segments of scholarship. Our fiduciary duty as publishers is to stand on guard. Against 'paper mills', 'ideological coercion', 'authorship-brokering' -- with 'team authorships' advertised more or less for overt sale. Against error-riddled 'automatic writing' by chatbots and against politically-driven "re-imagining" of data, and records. On guard, also, against well-acknowledged 'replication crises' -- the fact that many research papers cannot be corroboratively replicated. Some of this "dizzying house of Narrative mirrors" is about as 'Real' as the concrete-3D-printed fake-bronze equestrian statue of Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany to 2021). It collapsed under its own slight weight and under simple weather effects in mid-September 2023. For better or for worse -- we do not judge. By contrast, the notorious bronze equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius (121 CE - 180 CE) still exists today (even though the Later Roman Empire was as hollowed-out by utter Party-Line and pseudo-elite corruption as most societies are today). What can one say? "... das andere Mal als Farce"? (Karl Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon [New York: Weydemeyer, 1851-1852]). This metaphor speaks, further, to the fact that it is unwise to turn into 'cancelled' pariahs all those who rationally oppose some Grand Cult, Grand 'Science' That May Not Be Debated, an Even Grander Ideology, etc.. Like ENRON or FTX, those Grand Things tend to collapse, miserably and abruptly. Especially if one takes int account, e.g., experiments like the one performed by Hazem Ibrahim, Fengyuan Liu, Yasir Zaki, Talal Rahwan, "Google Scholar is Manipulatable," arXiv:2402.04607v1 [cs.CE]: "Citations are widely considered in scientists' evaluation. As such, scientists may be incentivized to inflate their citation counts. While previous literature has examined self-citations and citation cartels, it remains unclear whether scientists can purchase citations. Here, we compile a dataset of ~1.6 million profiles on Google Scholar to examine instances of citation fraud on the platform. We survey faculty at highly-ranked universities, and confirm that Google Scholar is widely used when evaluating scientists. Intrigued by a citation-boosting service that we unravelled during our investigation, we contacted the service while undercover as a fictional author, and managed to purchase 50 citations. These findings provide conclusive evidence that citations can be bought in bulk, and highlight the need to look beyond citation counts."


Marcus Valerius Martialis, Epigrams, Book V, Epigram XX, "To Julius Martialis", "... pereunt ... et imputantur".

The Clock



1755/2023: Portugal and Morocco Earthquakes -- a Deep Commemoration

The 2023 Marrakesh-Safi earthquake (8 September 2023 at 23:11 DST (22:11 UTC), with an event epicentre near Ighil in foothills of the Atlas Mountain Range (sector Ait Abdellah, Ait Bouleguerade, Tala Kacem, Tagoumate, Tamazouzte, Dar El Mokhtar, etc.) poignantly reminded everyone both of the Lisbon Earthquake in the morning of Saturday, 1 November, Feast of All Saints, c. 09:40 local time, and of the near perfectly parallel 1755 Meknes Earthquake (historically estimated Moment Magnitude Scale of 6.5 - 7.0), initially rated as an aftershock of the iconic and culturally transformative Lisbon Earthquake and tsunami. The Meknes Earthquake was partly misdated to 18 November 1755, and was commonly highlighted in regional Arabic sources at the date-mark of 27 November 1755. The Meknes Earthquake had a serious impact on the cities of Fez and Meknes, and, at the lowest range of considerably imperfect pre-statistic estimates, killed 15,000+ people. For instance, of the deemed 16,000 Jews in Meknes, only 8,000 seem to have survived. Property damage across denominations and across all political / social categories was massive (Death as the Great Equalizer). The direct impacts and longer-run consequences remain poorly documented in historical and urban studies. In Fez alone, more than 3,000 people are estimated to have died, with many more wounded..


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The Lusophone Studies Association (LSA)
International Conference "Women, Gender and Intersectionality in the Lusophone World' took place 29 June to 2 July 2022, at Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal. The public part of the Conference site is archived and remains web-accessible as data-of-record relevant to professional profiles and development (i.e. scholarly meetings, records of academic activity and participation). 

The Lusophone Studies Association (LSA) International Conference "The Lusophone World and its Diasporas" took place last year. June 28 to July 1, 2023 at York University, Toronto, Canada. For a compact vignette of the Conference on YouTube™, by CMC TV (Correio da Manhã TV Canadá), see here . The public part of the Conference site is archived and remains web-accessible as data-of-record relevant to professional profiles and development (see here ). LSA Members have access to archived features (video record of sessions):


Endowed Prizes for LSA Conference Papers

The Lusophone Studies Association (LSA) is pleased to draw your attention to our two committee-adjudicated prizes for 'best paper', associated with the LSA Conferences: a Graduate Student Prize and a Post-Doctoral Prize, each in the significant amount of $ 1,000.00 CDN. For details, please consult the following link (blue target):


Featured Lectures, Conference Info & Events ~ Spring 2024

From Tradition to Modernization: 50 Years after the Carnation Revolution ~ Da Tradição à modernização:50 Anos após a Revolução dos Cravos • 2 May 2024, 13:00-17:00  • A Symposium of the Lusophone Studies Association (LSA), on the Legacy of April 25, 1974  • University of Porto, Portugal (FLUP, Faculdade de Letras)  • Links: Poster English - Poster Portuguese; Call for Papers English - Call for Papers Portuguese

EXPOSIÇÃO A caminhar para o princípio ~ Eduardo Lourenço - 100 anos • 26 March 2024 - 26 June 2024 • Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal (Lisbon)  • Sala de Exposições - Piso 2 | Entrada livre • Links: Eduardo Lourenço - 100 anos

Danças Antigas. Dança Barroca ~ A PORTINGALOISE (Associação Cultural e Artística) abre oferta formativa em danças dos períodos Renascentista e Barrocos • 18 May 2024 • Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal (Lisbon)  • 10h00 - 13h00 I Sala Azul I Atividade sujeita a inscrição • Links: Aulas de Dança | Inscrição

SEMINÁRIO ~ A alienatio mentis e os limites da razão na literatura medieval em Portugal • 24 June 2024 • Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal (Lisbon)  • 14h30 - 16h30 I Sala de Formação | Entrada livre • Links: Mais informações em breve



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The PSR and Baywolf Press Support a 4 D's Framework -- Doubt, Dissent, Debate against Dogma

What does this mean? Firstly. we align, at this point, with those principles and underpinnings that are the MOST protective of genuine plural freedom of speech and have been endorsed by the Institute for Citizens & Scholars and by the Presidents of various Colleges and Universities across the United States. Some of the supporting universities include Duke, Cornell, Notre Dame, Rutgers, the University of Pittsburgh, the entire University System of Georgia (as per updates introduced by the Board of Regents and by Chancellor Sonny Perdue), the Arizona Board of Regents, the University of Houston System, Texas A&M University, the University of Texas Systems, etc. So, yes, the PSR holds and always will hold that: (a) free speech is a cardinal virtue of higher education; (b) colleges should aspire to a diversity of opinion; (c) the need for intellectual diversity is absolutely paramount and not negotiable. Viable future-oriented scholarship will not really proceed -- CANNOT EVEN EXIST -- in a 'Struggle Session' atmosphere of ever-escalating 'ideological purity checks' & 'politicized litmus tests' & programmatic 'oaths / affirmations of conformity'. Good research ≠ 'Consensus' or 'Party Line'. It ≠ 'Democratic Centralism'™. Ideological Vanguardism tends to become -- and has done so for millennia of recorded history -- a politically corrupt process. It eventually subverts the scientific method.Thus, it promotes societal entropy and cascading system-failures. It also is a self-destructive and artificially fostered Nonsense Point. A wise Human Being will prudently consider and examine contrary ideas -- they may prove useful. To filter thought according to ideological 'alignment' and 'mandate', i.e. to suppress ('cancel', censor) reseach regardless of actual quality, is (a) Humanity-hostile, (b) fraudulent.

To idolize and impose a mechanical politicized 'discourse' -- "... [always] incorporating [correct-Speak] into any storyline or genre" is an abysmally failed but unfortunately always revived societal Playbook. All such adherence to 'correct Thought', 'correct Speak', 'correct Identity', 'correct Messaging', 'correct Origin' [it used to be correct "Proletarian Origin" in the old "People's Democracies" of the East, but that has now faded in favour of "post-Worker Parties" and "post-Worker Origin"] is just sloganistic партийность. Deployed in a 'go-to-guide' / Talking Points Leaflet style. In ample awareness that "hypocrisy is the price of admission in this battle”. Meaning that 'facts' no longer signify anything, but are just 'Messaging' and a 'Generative Lens' set in place to 'defeat resistance to the uptake [of Ideology]'. Instead of 'Generative Lens' one might just as well say Generative AI (e.g. Midjourney) and gleefully 'generate' 'reseach articles' such as the now retracted and world-famous “Cellular functions of spermatogonial stem cells in relation to JAK/STAT signaling pathway”, at Frontiers in Cell and Development Biology. Complete with full-color 'Sciencey' visuals, nonsense 'scientific' pseudo-terms (e.g. “Iollotte sserotgomar,” “testtomcels,” “dissliced”, and “sterrn cells” -- really!). Schematics and 'terms' "not rooted in any known biology" [as per the staff Retraction Notice]. Those 'Persuasion Frameworks' (PFs) to 'develop' the "trust [of] the already trusting and persuade those with more malleable opinions"? I.e. 'targeting those deemed 'easily manipulable'? Such as children, youths, plus adults demoted by a self-mesmerized Ideology Vanguard to mere 'naughty child' status? Already the Jesuits, plus many others way before them, did THAT. Most fundamental scholarly advances in the past were accomplished by dissidents disagreeing with official Truth and in opposition to those holding the "commanding heights of education".

Secondly, it is a treacherous mantra to claim, for purposes of propaganda, that “emotional truth [aka abnegation of evidence-based thought] is as important as the literal truth”. Important for whom? Cui bono? To whose profit? No grand talk about 'misinformation, mistruth (arguably the most ridiculous term ever contrived ), disinformation, malinformation, denialism' will justify the fact that it is societally destuctive to 'cancel' valid voices whose only 'fault' is that they do not propagandize, in a breathless show of prescribed loyalty, an 'approved and curated Narrative'. Ideas, data, never become 'valid' by being 'decreed', 'mandated' or 'endorsed' by corporations, bureaucrats, Ministers of State, milli - billi- trilli- onaires, or 'Advertising'/PR. Whether or not ideas / research 'align with the purposes and objectives of a Bank' is utterly irrelevant to scholarly validity or value. The issue also is NOT whether data / thoughts are 'hurtful' or 'disturbing' or 'deemed incorrect'. One may 'deem' 'whatever' one wants -- Deeming and Proof have always been two very different things. When scholars self-censor -- so as to get published, and also out of existential fear of ideological 'employment cancellation', we are at a systemic Full Break Point. Especially if the self-ceonsored (or even worse, 'authority'-censored) data and analyses are in fact fundamentally valid, critically important, and candid. A Break Point " ... at which discussion can no longer continue because people cannot agree"... .

Rational freedom of speech, thought, and core (i.e. indispensable) Human research unfortunately is under vast regulatory, institutional, legislative, and 'media'-owner attack. The defence of free speech is thus NOT an obsession or a Police-analyzable 'fixation', and it is NOT 'toxic'. 'Free speech' is functionally useful, and essential for any kind of even minimally forward-looking society. "If all think the same, no one is actually thinking at all". Reality as such turns vacuous. Shelves in school libraries suddenly look quite empty -- because everything printed before a Mandatory 'Year Zero' Reset Date (e.g. 2008 and earlier) had to be removed for being 'incorrect', "irrelevant", "inaccurate", "harmful", "not suitable", "of no discernible literary or scientific merit; poorly written or presented", "information ... factually inaccurate or obsolete" (all of which is decided solely by year of publication and a political agent 'opinion' -- "just following orders" [
"ein Befehl ist ein Befehl"]). And the fate of those books that were "miswritten"? Stunning neologism, by the way, this "miswritten" thing. Given how much labour and commitment it actually takes to write a well researched book, one wonders how a book could be "miswritten". The system apparatchiks who make a solemn determination of "miswritten" have typically never 'written' even one book (unless they hired an underpaid ghost-writer). But, of course, the "miswritten" "mistruth" must of course be destroyed, 'cancelled', 'responsibly' too -- "... under ... [approved] environmental recycling guidelines". It is, you know, a MUSTIE (acronym for the master-guide Peel District School Board (Canada) book-sifting protocol -- Misleading – Unpleasant – Superseded – Trivial ("of no discernible literary or scientific merit; poorly written or presented") -- Irrelevant – Elsewhere). A template quite in line with an apocryphal quip from The Good Soldier Schweik (Švejk): "Ein Befehl is ein Befehl, das ist kein Knödel, das muß man gehorchen!" ('An order is an order. That's not just a dumpling. One must [MUSTIE] obey that!').The hypocrisy is massive. "Misinformation", "disinformation", or "malinformation", or "mistruth"? All these neologisms (and ever more, more! More! MORE! 450 voltage! EXPERTS and 'TRUSTED SOURCES' say the hesitancy subject needs more! 600 voltage! MORE! MORE IDEOLOGY! MORE SLOGANS! 1200 voltage! MORE IS ALWAYS BETTER!) are a rather hysterically sinister "Milgram Experiment". And if one does not 'obey'? "Ihre Papiere, bitte"? "Ausweis, bitte’? "Digi-ID sofort und richtig präsentieren"? How about, satirically: "Die Aufforderung 'Ausweis, bitte' ignorieren, und noch einmal die Taste ENTER drücken". The Good Soldier Schweig = Schweik = Švejk would presumably agree ['Silent Soldier' if one knows solid street-level vernacular German and Yiddish and thus all the grungy/grokking finesse of former classic European satire]. Of course, the parody is double-edged, like all useful parody: "Wer schweigt, stimmt zu!" / "Quem cala, consente".


One can explore the iconic figure of Švejk, generally unfamiliar to many English readers and anyway part of 'all that "harmful" literature before 2008' (MUSTIE), in the anti-war work of Jaroslav Hašek, Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka za světové války [The Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik in the Great War [1st World War], 4 vols. (1921-1923); subsequent vols. 5 and 6 by Karel Vaněk; vastly Bowdlerized (i.e. "non-threatening" ') English translation by Paul Selver (1930) [the worst existing 'translation'], then Cecil Parrott (1973) [poor, but fairly 'unabridged'], then Zdeněk Sadloň and Emmett Joyce [moderately acceptable]; further also used as a scathing knock-on platform for apt critique of East European Communism and Systemic Marxism [Josef Jaroslav Marek, Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka po druhé světové válce (The Fortunes of Good Soldier Schweik after the Second World War)].
The German translation was a favourite book of Bertolt Brecht. One of the books burned [environmentally 'cancelled'] by none other than the National Socialists in 1933. Yes, one of those bunches of words bound between two covers that can"give people ideas" and thus presumably must be banned as 'seditious'. Nothing has changed in hundreds of years, in this respect. Shadows. Of Radicals. Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498) (Florence, Italy) as a controversial even if revered 'social-street-gang' enforcer of extreme expiatory 'Justice and Purity'-- and then a would-be urban Tyrant in his own right. Shadows. Of Rationalists. Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) being burned alive by the Supreme Inquisition while hanging upside-down ('cancelled' for the sake of Dogma Consensus) [Photo: Monument to Giordano Bruno, 'Potsdamer Platz Station' in Berlin]. Are you quite SURE "this is who WE are"? In the name of 'Love' / 'Inclusion'? "We love your soul but to save the soul we must burn your body"? Other-thinkers must be "formally deprogrammed"? Please, quit that drama and the 'signalling' red robes and dresses! Remember that 6 July 1415 (burning ['cancellation'] of John Hus at the stake, alive -- Jan Hus (1370-1415), critic of a 'fiscally advanced' Indulgences system: a 'structural sin offset' Ponzi engine of fear-driven fundraising), sparked a sudden social and combat revolution. 'The Germanic Empire' and the Papacy lost quite a bit, to 'deplorable peasants' not keen on 'expiating' through endless purchases of sin-tax "salvation vouchers" (Purgatory 'Social Credits').


Shadows of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) gazing at the stars. How "Dare You" speak, of course, against any PR-powered 'juvenile Prophets' or any Deified 97% Consensus! That would imperil "confidence in The Political Class". Shadows of ALL dissident and keenly thinking Rationalists. Yes, we know -- the mechanical answer is of course banging the benches in loud Consensus, and shouting "Prop, Prop, Prop, Prop"! Sure. On the WRONG side of any conceivable balanced scholarship. Well, so, for the sake of just an easy random selection: "Why do you laugh, Comrades? What, who, do you laugh at?" (Jozef Yuzovskiy [Burstein] [1902-1964],
On Theatre and Drama, vol. 2, "Who do you Laugh At?" [Izvestia, 12/01/1940]). Or Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol [1809-1852], "What are you laughng at? You are laughing at yourselves ... That's just like YOU! [i.e. 'This is who you are']" (The Inspector, 1836).

Our avowed skepticism [no, that is not a 'dirty' word] is somewhat along the lines of Shakai chōsa no uso: Risāchi riterashī no susume [「社会調查」のウソ: リサーチ・リテラシーのすすめ] (The Lies of Social Research), by Professor Ichirō Tanioka [谷岡一郎] (Tōkyō : Bungei Shunjū, 2000) -- overt statistics as often quite deceptive and simply serving the interests of entrenched bureaucracy and well-paid revolving-door politicians. We thus espouse a New Humanism, a new Scholarly Rationality, and Pro-Humanity (Pro-People) practice. Therefore we oppose Censorship.
Censorship has always been a sign of systemic collapse and Political Class panic. A brutal solution of 'last resort' -- because way too many things have become a manifest and perfectly documentable lie. Just like when one is actually losing a real and hot war while shouting that "Total Victory is Imminent". Censorship and Enforcement thus become the last trenches of System Defence. Mandatorily limiting thought to one authorized worldview is of course a perilous societal course of action. It is fraught with haunting and brutal historical / archaeological precedents and dire warnings -- from 3,500 BCE ( at least, if not more) to the Present. It holds clear and present dangers for all Humans, into all imaginable futures. Historical example desired? Fernando Álvarez de Toledo the 3rd Duke of Alba (1507 – 1582). Low Countries. Sixteenth century. The 'Council of Troubles' (i.e. Crisis Management Think Tank and Star Chamber) which thereafter became utterly infamous and abhorrently corrupt -- aka the Government-Terror 'Council of Blood'. Context? The Legend of Thyl Ulenspiegel and Lamme Goedzak. The Nederlandse Opstand (1566 – 1648, 81 years, 5 months, 4 weeks and 1 day). The Sea Beggars [a 'Basket of Deplorables' -- "N'ayez pas peur Madame, ce ne sont que des gueux" (as per Charles de Berlaymont, Lord of Floyon and Haultpenne and Baron of Hierges, 1510 - 1578) ]. And as cinematized political farce, La Kermesse héroïque [Carnival in Flanders] (1935, dirs. Jacques Feyder and Arthur Maria Rabenalt, from a novel by Charles Spaak [1903 - 1975]). Guess who ultimately lost, in a very bad way, after 81 years and innumerable instances of manifest judicial malfeasance and of punitive / confiscatory brutality by The Authorities? The System did.


Yes, sure, corporations and governments can buy "fact-checker-certified Truth", for fiat (printed) currency equivalents of the ancient silver Akkadian šiqlu (also mithqal, ref. مثقال‎, ref. ثَقَلَ, ref. 𐤔𐤒𐤋, cryptic ref. "Mene, mene, teqel u-farsin"; 11 to 9.8 - 9.5 / 7.2 grams of silver, historically devalued to as little as paltry 4.5 grams), from vastly-overpaid ideological 'PR managers of "information threats" '-- as always.
So very ancient, all of it. But only at severe societal cost. Yes, do let us talk here about Yuval Noah Harari. It is difficult to say whether he genuinely loves or fears the notion of Planet Earth being ruled by "inorganic entities" that "don’t breathe; they don’t have emotions". Pseudo-entities (Golem) that do not display or possess (for now) any genuine 'intelligence'. As Harari is alleged to have said, whether with alarm or with approbation, "It’s very practical: today when you apply to the bank for a loan and the bank basically lets an algorithm design your fate, and the algorithm says ‘No, don’t give this lady a loan.’ And you ask the bank why, and they say they don’t know; the algorithm said no ... Even the people who designed the algorithm don’t understand the decision that it is making.” Either way, what one is confronting here is a mind-blowing confession of Human disempowerment. Total deprivation of the celebrated and much desired "agency". Just like with the Irish Senate (Seanad Éireann) and Pauline O’Reilly: "when one thinks about it, all law and all legislation is about the restriction of freedom.
This is exactly what we are doing here. We are restricting freedom but we are doing it for the Common Good.” So, the exact same words as used by Danton, Roberspierre, Napoleon, Joseph Fouché, Stalin, Pol Pot (pseuds. "99", "Phem", etc.), Mussolini, and many other 'luminaries'. Government as the Comité de salut public (1793) and then the ominous, far-worse-than-the-Inquisition Comité de sûreté générale (whatever term / acronym one might want to deploy -- KGB, DGS, SNB, NKVD, Cheka, StaatsSicherheit, Okhrana, Political Police, 1984). For a literary impression set in a not-all-so-fictional late nineteenth century, read e.g. Umberto Ecos' sarcastic and brilliant The Cemetery of Prague. With all its imagery of corruption and official nonsense, amid comically shady dealings by Special Investigators, Special Agents, Special Prosecutors, etc. Summa summarum, we at the PSR are not even remotely willing, unlike Stephen Colbert of CBS (5 March 2024), to celebrate being "ready for the machines to tell us what to do" and not ready, like mindless children, "for the big machines that make big decisions programmed by fellows with compassion and vision." That is propagandistic and easily spotted baby-talk. For one, we have 0% trust, research-grounded, that 'programming fellows' have either compassion or visoin, and we have 0% trust, research- and intelligence-grounded, that the so very 'good fellows' are agenda-free and corruption-free.

"Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy" (Franz Kafka, 1883-1924). NB: With the 'new bureaucracy' doing its very best to morph into a 'hereditary [pseudo-elected] bureaucracy'. 'Mission creep' and 'neo-feudalism'. Like the various ministeriales of the early Middle Ages. Result? Digital Panopticon Insane
Tyranny [but very Lucrative] (as discussed for instance in a very old non-digital framework by Michel Foucault in Surveiller et punir: Naissance de la prison [Paris: Gallimard, 1975]). Party-Line Bureaucrats (recently for the larger part on the 'left' rather than the 'right' [whatever such labels-of-convenience even remotely mean today]) utterly love the no-checks-and-balances Total Control and No Questions model. It is their fundamental raison d'être -- for they have none other. Like all the otherwise really unemployable arbitristas of the eighteenth century. What we have here is a historical hallmark of every Official(ized) 'Managing Class' -- Ministeriales Palatii, or any other historical variant of such structurally-shaped / devoted 'executives'. One might even think here in terms of a dynamic similar to the classic Mamluk & Ghulam model -- a fully alien(ated) enforcer cohort rooted in purchased / manufactured / youth-group-reared echo chamber loyalty to a Patron / Funds-Dispenser / Power-Idea and 'Cause'. One can very easily parse this in many ways. Let us run here a few candid quotations (there are tons and tons more of the same -- just mildly depends on one's linguistic agility). Thus "Plekhanov once said to me about a critic of Marxism . . . : “First, let’s stick the convict’s badge on him, and then after that we’ll examine his case.” And I think we must stick the “convict’s badge” on anyone and everyone who tries to undermine Marxism, even if we don’t go on to examine his case" (reminiscences by Николай Владиславович Валентинов, born Вольский [1890-1964], for instance in «Встречи с Лениным» [1953] and related works such as «Малознакомый Ленин»; «Ранние годы Ленина»). Which goes well wit: "There could be no life for him [a Bolshevik] outside the ranks of the Party, and he would be ready to believe that black was white, and white was black, if the Party required it. In order to become one with this great Party he would fuse himself with it, abandon his own personality, so that there was no particle left inside him which was not at one with the Party" (Георгий Леонидович Пятаков [1890, Черкасский уезд, Киевская губерния - 1 Feb. 1937, ironically enough executed, at night, for 'ideological deviationism (Trotskism)' on grounds of ст. 58-1а, 58-8, 58-9, 58-11 УК РСФСР, 'rehabilitated' in 1988 {which is sort of useless once one is shot dead}]). Which (the Pyatakov blue text) is of course not new or Revolutionary at all. Already St Ignatius of Loyola (thus the Jesuits) wrote exactly the same, word for word: "We should always be prepared, so as never to err, to hold that the white which I see is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it" (St Ignatius of Loyola, Spiritual Exercises (1548, yes, 1548 CE), No. 365). Ouch. So, Pyatakov (Георгий {Юрий} Пятаков) plagiarizes St Ignatius, at a distance of 372 years? That is RICH! But then, of course: 'You don't understand! Please educate yourself It's a MUSTIE!."

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary [funding, gravy, progress through the ranks, officer stripes, vacation, cottage-in-the-country (dacha), Party 'validation', medals, awards, 'incentive points', 'affirmation', your-photo-on-the-bulletin-board, company/Party vehicle, Great Star Order of the Achieving Achievement of Achievement in Congruence with Party Messaging and PoliOptics as Approved by the Latest Revision of the Approved Ideology and its Eternal Classics at the Umpteenth General Party Assembly] depends on his not understanding it." (Upton Sinclair, I, Candidate for Governor, and How I Got Licked in 1934 (see James Gregory. ed., Upton Sinclair's "I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked" [ Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994]) (Purported 'straw man' argument according to 'fact-checkers' [Snopes etc., of course], etc., etc., etc., etc. , etc. Whatever -- Left, Right, Left, Right, Centre, Shmenter, and ALL The Rest. Applies right aross The Socio-Historical Spectrum and then some. No comment required. Just imagine! Horrible! If one loses the 'equity perks of 'allyship' and automaton allegiance and "consensus" and Oath of Conformity and Ideological Litmus Tests', it is "doubleplusungood" [George Orwell]. Sheer "social economics" and CW [Cognitive Warfare 3D]).

"We shall soon be in a world in which a man may be howled down for saying that two and two make four, in which furious Party cries will be raised against anybody who says that cows have horns, in which people will persecute the heresy of calling a triangle a three-sided figure, and hang a man for maddening a mob with the news that grass is green.” (G. K. Chesterton, The Illustrated London News, 14 Aug. 1926 [CW34:144-145]). (Usefully paired with: "They said that I should lose my ideals and begin to believe in the methods of practical politicians. Now, I have not lost my ideals in the least; my faith in fundamentals is exactly what it always was. What I have lost is my old childlike faith in practical politics." ["The Ethics of Elfland," in Delphi Works of G. K. Chesterton]. One presumably should add something like ... lost my old childlike faith in Judges, Justices of the Peace, So-Called 'Law', Attorneys General, Governors, 'Representatives', Unions, Universities, Faculty Associations, Deans, NKVD Officers, 'The Party' ('mandated' Democratic Centralism), Public Health 'Officers', 'Human Resources', Fact-Checker 'Experts-for-Hire-Without-Credible-Expertise', 'The Police', Philanthropy, Banks, 'Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel LLC, Barristers and Solicitors', Disney, etc., etc., etc.)

"There is no other way of guarding oneself from flatterers except letting men understand that to tell you the
truth does not offend you" (Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513 [1532]) (Very many people, today, fail to comprehend this -- instead, they wish to deploy the full force of utterly corrupt partisan-stacked Law to ensure they will only hear what they demand to hear: endless dopamine-fix 'validation'. No comment. As to all other things, we have just one answer -- and it is not 'rude speech': the answer simply is 'Galileo's Middle Finger' -- the middle finger of his right hand (yes, the finger that one also uses to 'flip a birdie'), in an ornate receptacle at the Museo Galileo, Firenze, Italy)

"The amount of energy necessary to refute BS is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it [i.e. the BS] " (Alberto Brandolini) (The BS Asymmetry Principle. NB: The required amount of personal and financial energy, we would argue, grows by several orders of magnitude if the producers of the relevant (or rather irrelevant) BS are socially anointed 'prophets', officially deified 'Experts' or 'Voices', 'trusted sources' (anonymous, of course), Talk Show hosts, System- / Party-beholden 'influencers' and 'webfluencers' and 'journalists', and those with friends who are so fabulously rich that they could buy entire other Planets or Orbital Fabricaria if there were some on bargain-basement sale, nearby. Of course, the deified 'Voices' deem that they can simply 'terminate' a 'conversation' that is "not respectful" (i.e. not servile and obedient ) by walking out, switching off the Zoom / cute SkyEye Viewscreen, sending in Order-Enforcers, or activating Punitive Drone Swarms. In the long run, this it NOT going to work. Simply, NOT. Neither in SciFi, nor in Reality. Should one pity those willing to elevate BS over sober historical, source-based, tactical, strategic, technical, etc., knowledge (we did not say analysis -- analysis these days is for PR-sale)? We are not going to comment. We wish to add, though, of course borrowing and Satirically redirecting a quotation, thus: precision, rationality, and apolitical exactness are "a game-changer, like the Archimedean fulcrum, with the potential to shift ... [un]logics ... to ... functional praxes of [exactness]-affirming care for ... [non-tampered data], human others, and planetary co-habitants [even though they might be execrably 'deplorable' 'Other'-thinkers and thus deniers and Heretics and no-trial-required 'thought-criminals'"]. Yes we signalled we are redirecting -- but such redirecting has become so ubiquitous today that we might be legitimately excused for doing one itty bitty of that (people even get full-on PhDs for doing the exact same on a massive scale, and then progress to very exalted ideological and University and political positions).]

"Do you teach 'Rhetoric'? O Vettius, what a mind of iron / You need, when a crowded class slays ‘the cruel tyrant!’ / For, whatever they’ve just read, sitting, each in turn / Replicates standing, chants the same thing in identical lines. / Such stale Greens are simply DEATHLY SUFFERING for the poor teacher." (Decimus Junius Juvenalis [c. 55 CE (fl. before 100 CE)-ex. after 127-138 CE] [banished and exiled poet, 'cancelled' by the decrepit Imperial Cancel Culture], The Satires, Book 3, Satire VII: 150-215: 'Nor Do Teachers Of Rhetoric').
("Mr. Bauer realized how topical Juvenal was, how he dealt at length with such phenomena as arbitrary government, tyranny, corruption, the degradation of public morals, the decline of the Republican ideal and the terrorizing acts of the Praetorian Guards. (...) In a second-hand bookshop I found an 1838 translation of Juvenal with an extensive commentary, twice the length of the translated text itself, written at the height of the Romantic period. Though its price was more than I could really afford, I bought it. I read all of it very intensely, as if it was a detective novel. It was one of the few books to which I persistently held on throughout the war [WWII] and beyond, even when most of my other books were lost or sold on the black market" [Heinrich Theodor Böll, (1917–1985), What's to Become of the Boy? -- Or, Something to Do with Books [(orig. 1981), trans. Leila Vennewitz (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1984)]

"On juge mieux de certains faits et de certains principes quand on les voit en dehors du cadre où ils se meuvent habituellement sous nos yeux ; le changement du point optique terrifie parfois les regards ! " ([Maurice Joly], Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu, [Geneva, 15 October 1864] [Brussels: Mertens et Fils, 1864]). Funny how ANCIENT all that 2024 'Generative Lens' pseudo-sophisticated rhetoric actually is. This is a shoe that pinches on the Left as well as on the Right. The power of a 'reframing' ("changement du point optique") is basically a ''physical phenomenon' -- it is NOT a politically monopolizeable property. That is why 'meme-inverting' as well as 'slogan-inverting' fundamentally works, as biting satire. This why politicians and ideologists are so afraid of so-called 'disinformation super-spreader memes', so afraid that they put people behind bars for 'committing satire', with million-dollar fines and jail sentences longer than those that many criminals get for the vilest murder.

Does any of this sound 'uncomfortable' and 'not safe'? If yes -- which is as it should be -- and if you are interested, read up on  ► core intellectual freedoms. Or do not read up -- no one compels and threatens and 'debanks' ("cause-led 'banking' ") and censors and obfuscates and cancels and manipulates and artfully gaslights, NOT on OUR site.



Publishing Program, 2024

For our past and future volumes, please visit our Forthcoming and Recent webpages. An edited volume of reflections centered on Ceuta and Northern Morocco, 1415-2015, and a volume of studies on Minas Gerais (see below) remain available. Paul Christopher Manuel's monograph, Voices of the Revolution: Revisiting the Portuguese Revolution of 25 April 1974 -- Interviews and Insights, with interview texts in mirror Portuguese and English versions, was released on 30-31 December 2019, just before the COVID-19 'crisis'. It is being retranslated (with English components presented in Portuguese), and republished in Portugal. The roster of publications in progress includes new core translations into English of selected classic Portuguese sources of enduring cultural and research significance (in particular a new critical English translation of the Esmeraldo de Situ Orbis and the first ever English translation of the Manuscrito de Valentim Fernandes, involving a rigorous comparison between the published Portuguese and other versions and the original of the Manuscrito de Valentim Fernandes preserved in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Munich)). The Valentim Fernandes project will finally be fully ready in 2024 (labour-related COVID regulatory issues complicated unduly the final stages): (a) a full digital text of the transcription, newly derived from the manuscript and formatted to reflect the original accurately, (b) a full span of geospatially aware place name concordances (an analytical key), and (c) a digital atlas. More about our profle... >>


PSR Edited Volume No. 5
 Pablo A. Iglesias Magalhães (Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia and Universidade Federal de Sergipe) and Walmira Costa (Escola de Ciência da Informação da UFMG), eds., Edição e editores no Brasil e Portugal entre os séculos XVIII e XX (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2022), 202 + xvi pages; ills. & diagrams; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 30.50 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-61-1 (soft-cover) (in stock; full digital access available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of standard membership package). Printed volume purchase: click blue button.

PSR Edited Volumes

Our most recent volumes in this peer-reviewed monographic series are:

Escravidão e liberdades na América Portuguesa e no Império do Brasil
, edited by Bruno Martins de Castro, Sirleia Maria Arantes & Vanda Lúcia Praxedes
(Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2024), 326 + xxi pages; ills., tables, and maps; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 38.78 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-62-8 (in stock; digital access also available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).

Edição e editores no Brasil e Portugal entre os séculos XVIII e XX
, edited by Pablo A. Iglesias Magalhães (Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia and Universidade Federal de Sergipe) and Walmira Costa (Escola de Ciência da Informação da UFMG) (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2022), 202 + xv pages; ills.; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 30.50 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-61-1 (in stock; digital access also available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).

New Perspectives on Angola: From Slaving Colony to Nation State
, edited by José C. Curto (York University), with the assistance of Maryann Buri (York University) (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2021), 9" x 6", 308 + xiv pages, tables and diagrams; list price: $ 39.50 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-55-0 (soft-cover) (in stock; digital access also available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).

Encounters in Borderlands: Portugal, Ceuta, and the 'Other Shore'
, edited by Martin Malcolm Elbl (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2019), 358 + xvi pages; ills. and maps; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 34.75 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-56-7 (soft-cover) (in stock; digital access also available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).

As Minas Gerais do Brasil: economia, ciência e cultura nos séculos XVIII e XIX, edited by Rafael de Freitas, Sirleia Maria Arantes, and Weder Ferreira Silva (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2019), 334 + xxii pages; ills. and maps; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 32.30 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-57-4 (soft-cover) (in stock; digital access also available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).

Rivers and Shores: 'Fluviality' and the Occupation of Colonial Amazonia, edited by Rafael Chambouleyron and Luís Costa e Sousa (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2019), 190 + xiv pages; ills. and maps; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 27.20 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-59-8 (soft-cover) (in stock; digital access also available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).


Straits Amazonia Minas Gerias


  Featured Presses, Selected Publications, Auctions

(The PSR / Baywolf Press have zero stake in and derive nothing -- not one single fraction of one cent, or a single click (which are not monitored on our domain), or any collateral derivative -- from any announcements featured below. The announcements are occasional, purely voluntary, and simply reflect our warm and pleased appreciation. These are not to be considered 'advertisements'. Internet 'mythology' says 'endorsements' (or even better -- 'fake news') are astronomically profitable. The hard truth? Circa 1,000,000 'hits' / 'clicks typically yields under $500.00, maybe, perhaps, if you actually believe 'click-puffers'. And we just do not need $500.00. Not even remotely interested.That is all. End of so-called 'conversation'.

Antiquariaat FORUM BV
& ASHER Rare Books | Tuurdijk 16 | 3997 MS | 't Goy-Houten | The Netherlands
Dealers in Rare Books, Manuscripts, Drawings, Maps and Atlases from the 15th century to the early 19th century with special emphasis on the subjects of Travel, Natural History, Art and Architecture, Children's Books, Bindings, Coloured Plate Books, Emblem Books, Gastronomy, Medicine, Music, Science, 16th Century, Incunables, and Illuminated Manuscripts. We are pleased to feature, for sheer pleasure, their recent listing of rare books in the category Travel & Voyages, available at: https://madmimi.com/p/52fe371 . Please do visit, likewise, their valuable 'Forum Islamic World', with its offerings and catalogues, at: https://www.forumislamicworld.com/index.html

Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa
& CIEBA – Centro de Investigação e de Estudos em Belas-Artes – Grupo de Investigação em Ciências da Arte e do Património – Francisco De Holanda. Ed. by Annemarie Jordan Gschwend, Fernando António Baptista, Maria João Gamito, O retrato ~ On Portraiture: teoria, prática e ficção. De Francisco de Holanda a Susan Sontag (2022) (ISBN 978-989-8944-78-8). Free PDF. To read or download register for free on academia.edu


Jaime Eguiguren Art & Antiques

Hugo Miguel Crespo & Annemarie Jordan Gschwend, The “Pangolin Fan”: An Imperial Ivory Fan from Ceylon. Artistic Confluence and Global Gift Exchange between Sri Lanka and Renaissance Portugal (Buenos Aires: Jaime Eguiguren Art & Antiques, 2022). ISBN: 978-84-09-41680-6. This richly illustrated book presents a definitive study of nine imperial ivory fans from Renaissance Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka), carved between 1542 and 1551, in the royal workshops of the lost Sinhalese kingdom of Kōttē (කෝට්ටේ රාජධානිය). These rare ivories, which display a mix of Hindu and Buddhist iconography, are today dispersed amongst public and private collections in Europe. They were commissioned by King Bhuvanekabāhu VII (1521-1551), at the height of his reign, as political gifts for high-ranking members of the Portuguese royal family. Five intricately carved Kōttē fans were earmarked for the Portuguese Queen, Catarina of Austria (r. 1525-1578), a Habsburg infanta and youngest sister of Emperor Charles V.


Note the release, on 03 June 2022, of the commemorative edition of Laurentino Gomes,1822 - Edição comemorativa (ampliada e comemorativa pelo bicentenário da Independência), ISBN: 9786559870516; eISBN: 9786559870738. On 15 June 2022, GloboLivros announced the launch of the expected 3rd volume of Laurentino Gomes, Escravidão (592 pp.; ISBN: 9786559870523; eISBN: 9786559870776). Note also, among other, Rodrigo Alvarez, Redentor (a história do Cristo Redentor, o monumento mais conhecido do Brasil, que completa 90 anos em 2021) (released 28 September 2021) (ISBN: 9786586047486; eISBN: 9786559870073).

Berghahn Books
Note the 2023 release of a new volume by Patrícia Ferraz de Matos, Anthropology, Nationalism and Colonialism: Mendes Correia and the Porto School of Anthropology (New York & Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2023). The book is a result of several years of research and fieldwork in archives, institutions and interviews.
The cover illustration results from the artwork "Halte de Trie-Château" by the exceptional artist Adam Adach. The item is available in e-book format and in hardcover, which has a 50% discount, with the code FERR8751, until April 30, 2023. The complete Introduction can also be viewed and downloaded, at Berghahn.

Betrand Livreiros
As always, we are more than glad to promote the Bertrand booksellers' system. Their meme -- "Passionate for Books" fully matches our own. Whoever, on their team, coined the other meme -- "Fazemos História, estando no presente" -- possessed clear insight. We agree entirely. Watch their current Manifesto Bertrand -- Somos Livros on YouTube, at https://www.bertrand.pt/online/somos-livros . Note that we are not part of the Programa de Afiliados da Bertrand. We do not promote any thing in exchange for any rewards -- on principle. We are not a Globalist mannequin in a 'social network' of 'perks' -- it would undermine our Critical Independence. We merely express warm appreciation.

Routledge / Taylor and Francis Group
The PSR is pleased to recommend, on behalf of Routledge a classic volume (2021) edited by Jeremy Roe and Jean Andrews: Representing Women’s Political Identity in the Early Modern Iberian World (ISBN 9781138541863, 358 pp.). The volume includes studies by Joana Serrado, Lisa Voigt, Diane H. Bodart, Carla Alferes Pinto, Jean Andrews, Annemarie Jordan Gschwend, Vanessa de Cruz Medina, Trevor J. Dadson, Jeremy Roe, Gema Rivas Gómez Calcerrada, Ana Maria S.A. Rodrigues, Inmaculada Rodríguez Moya, Laura Oliván Santaliestra, and Susana Varela Flor. The volume's co-editor, Jeremy Roe, also presented an intricate study of the political iconography of D. João IV (Vila Viçosa, 19 March 1604 - Lisbon, 6 November 1656) in PSR 27_2. Please visit Routledge and order Representing Women’s Political Identity in the Early Modern Iberian World for your library. While you are on the Routledge site, check out their other recent and forthcoming volumes. Jeremy Roe is a translator and independent researcher affiliated with the Centro de Humanidades, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Jean Andrews is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, University of Nottingham. She co-edited Writing Royal Entries in Early Modern Europe (2014) and Art and Painting, Vicente Carducho and Baroque Spain (2016). Her monograph Painting and Devotion in Golden Age Iberia: Luis de Morales was published in 2020.

Alfarrabista : José Lopes Gomes Soares Lda.
Are you looking for rare research-relevant titles difficult or even impossible to obtain -- especially in financially strapped North American libraries? Consider checking José Lopes Gomes Soares - Comércio de livros Lda. / Rua do Bonjardim, 398 / 4000-116 / Porto (Portugal) / Tel.: 222 024 405 / e-mail: geral@alfarrabista.eu . One of their recent available titles is for instance: Luís Bernardo Leite de Ataíde, Etnografia, arte e vida antiga dos Açores, 4 vols. (Coimbra: Imprensa da Universidade, 1973). Give the link a try. Note, very recently, the often quite unobtainable Augusto Soares de Azevedo Barbosa de Pinho Leal, Portugal Antigo e Moderno, 12 vols. (Typ. Editora de Mattos Moreira & Comp.ª); Eduardo de Campos de Castro de Azevedo Soares, Bibliographia Nobiliarchica Portugueza, 5 Vols.; plus Alberto Pimentel, A Côrte de D. Pedro IV (Imprensa Portugueza); Alberto Pimentel, A Guerrilha de Frei Simão (Livraria de António Maria Pereira); and many other items. Browse, find, like or dislike as your will. Collect books. Love books.

Groupe Drouot: HÔTEL DROUOT, 9 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris, France
Composé de plusieurs filiales, le Groupe Drouot est un acteur incontournable du marché de l’art. L’Hôtel Drouot, situé au cœur de Paris, est la plus grande place de ventes aux enchères publiques au monde, depuis 1852. 15 salles de ventes sont proposées à plus de 60 maisons de vente. Rare objects, curios, unique items, books, unsuspected manuscripts of great historical value not available in any archival system. Includes, as service, online-only auctions (dematerialised auctions) and 'Buy Now' sales (sales of lots at fixed prices). Nearly 2 million items offered annually by c. 600 auction houses. Auction news reported every week in La Gazette Drouot, the leading weekly magazine for the art market and culture published by Auctionspress. Give the link a try. HÔTEL DROUOT, 9 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris, France, +33 (0)1 48 00 20 00, contact@drouot.com . For General Terms and Conditions of Use set by Drouot, see https://uk.drouot.com/general-terms

Librairie Frédéric Douin : Used, Rare, and Special Item Books

Shop at Douin -- rescue and cherish diverse books -- especially those printed before 2008. So that you could one day show (not just tell) your grandchildren and great-grand-children: "This is actually what a real 300-year-old book looked like"! As Douin posted: 'even books, not only stones, are part and parcel of Our Heritage'. Some people burn, banish, defame, 'cancel', 'weed-whacker on a hot day', and censor books -- 'destroy [them] in compliance with environmental guidelines', frequently without knowing anything whatsoever about the actual context and feeling ideologically entitled to claim that 'incorrect' works are of "no discernible literary or scientific merit; poorly written or presented". Others save and preserve priceless books, the Written Record of Humanity (NOT some sort of 'Peoplekind') even at the cost of their own life. Reference is to the iconic (in this respect) Ian Caldwell, The Rule of Four (2004), which is much more than an "ultimate puzzle book." It is a 'forgotten' work of utter Humanist defiance against schematic-template zealotry, censorship, and the fatal decline of a free & genuine Academia, fuelled by Savonarola-style book-'cancelling'-burning-'weed whacking'. You know very well which side we -- the PSR -- stand on. We would never refuse to publish a diversity of 'sides'. As the old song says, "Sweet dreams are made of this / Who am I to disagree?" (Eurythmics, the absolutely haunting Track 6 of 'Sweet Dreams [Are Made of This], 1983, originally recorded on dirt cheap basement and second-hand studio equipment). It all indeed is -- and has been for entire millennia -- a question of fundamental 'values'.

Casa Editrice Leo S. Olschki
Note, among other, some recent volumes of use to art historians and comparativists, with regard to tracing convergences of Italian and Iberian artistic scenes: Riccardo Gandolfi, Le Vite degli artisti di Gaspare Celio («Compendio delle Vite di Vasari con alcune altre aggiunte»),
Biblioteca dell'«Archivum Romanicum». Serie I: Storia, Letteratura, Paleografia, vol. 504, ISBN: 9788822267023; Giorgio Vasari e la «Vita di Marcantonio Bolognese, e d'altri intagliatori di stampe», Edizioni e fortuna critica (1568-1760), Testi e fonti per la storia del disegno e della grafica, vol. 1, ISBN: 9788822268068.

Paul Holberton Publishing 
The Global City: On the Streets of Renaissance Lisbon, edited by Annemarie Jordan Gschwend and K. J. P. Lowe (Paul Holberton Publishing: London, 2015; ISBN 9781907372889; 240 pp.) draws us into the past sensory universe of a Lisbon pre-dating the sudden seismic shock and tsunami of 1755. It does so from the starting point of two large-scale sixteenth-century vistas by an anonymous Flemish master that depict the Rua Nova dos Mercadores commercial and financial thoroughfare. Acquired in 1866 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the vistas contribute a unique spatio-temporal window into the past, at street level, bustling with the stark contradictions and contrasts of a global metropolis. The volume conjoins the two works of art with a wealth of data from newly found or suitably valorized archival documents, accompanied by a carefully selected display of little known or unpublished images of contemporary trade staples, curiosities, luxury and prestige items, naturalia, exotica, and other objects. A physical expression of the worldwide tangle of commerce, the Rua Nova as an architectural construct symbolically echoed the estuary of the river Tagus as a natural feature opening out to the Atlantic and to the oceans far beyond. The book Iets readers glimpse Lisbon and its material culture in all the vibrant cosmopolitanism characterizing this major trading hub of the Renaissance world, a hub whose essence and texture were to be forever altered by one of the planet's iconic natural cataclysms – an earthquake and a tsunami – on Saturday, 1 November 1755, the holiday of All Saints' Day. Please visit the PHP website for other recently published books.




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